A deep and murky oceanic atmosphere, a place where light is the most precious commodity for survival, represents the conspicuous lack of resources required for basic survival. The more humans strive to advance technology at the expense of the natural world, the more we lose familiarity with that world; disrupting an awareness of the environment and severing connections with the past. 


The forms, expressions, and movements of aquatic creatures are captivating with their intrinsic adaptability amid an ever fluctuating environmental narrative. By working through an animal form, I explore varied social attitudes, emotions, and personalities. Individual identities and hierarchies emerge as a metaphorical reflection of positive and negative human interaction with the world. 


The inevitable transformation of these creatures, my creatures can be seen as a result of our exploitation of their environment. The natural world and its creatures are forever changing and despite modern developments, humanity has become increasingly dependent upon the environment, which has dramatically impacted all ecological and biological systems.   My work underscores the danger of failing to take responsibility for our planet in the pursuit of progress and I hope to inspire viewers to pause, observe, and reflect upon the state of our environment and encourage a meaningful reconnection with nature.

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